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How to choose the correct power construction steel hanging point?

The construction of electric steel rod hanging point appropriate choice is very important, because the cement pole at low line is widely used in electric power, steel, because of its low cost, less amount of steel, so the raw material saving; at the same time, the construction area is small, save the land area in recent years has been widely used in the 220kV line. The construction of power steel tower, it also has its shortcomings, the rod length, hoisting difficulty, easy deformation and fracture of steel stand. Therefore, in the construction of steel pipe hoisting, choosing the appropriate hanging point is very important. The larger the length of electric steel rod lifting into hoisting and hoisting. When the segment is hoisted, the tie points are located at the top of each section of the steel tube. Because the length of the segment is shorter, the bending moment of the steel tube body is smaller when lifting, and the bending moment of the steel tube itself can meet the hoisting requirement, so it doesn't need to be calculated. Steel rod lifting in the air, and has set some connection or welding rod, until the base completed.
When the steel pipe rod is hoisted as a whole, the steel pipe bar section is connected or welded on the ground between the section and the section. The ground connection is completed, the use of the crane or hold the whole rod base rod rise with the top surface of the foundation, can be fixed on the basis. During the overall lifting process of the steel pipe pole, the bending moment of the shaft is larger because of the larger length of the shaft. In order to ensure the safety of the construction, the hoisting process should be checked before lifting.